About Us

Andre GriggsMy name is Andre Griggs I was born and raised in Portland Oregon. I Graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and moved to California for higher education. I attended California State University, Fresno graduating with a B.S. in Criminology, Corrections and continued my education at the University of Phoenix completing my Masters in Education. I’ve been an associate Pastor for over nine years and have worked in youth development for over 20 years in prevention and education. I’ve been traveling to Nairobi, Kenya Africa for the past 5 years as a missionary with indigenous tribes, schools and churches working and learning about cultures, communities and the power of relationships, by working with young adults all over the world I saw a need that the youth today have a voice that needs to be developed in order to learn how to advocate, lead and create change.  Seeing the needs in Africa and within the States I began developing and operating a youth mentor mediation outreach program, under the mentoring and Inspiration of Ron and Roxanne Claassen writers of the book, “Discipline that Restores”. I began in 2011 developing a curriculum called “The 3 Pillars of Reconciliation” and youth program that includes the restorative justice process and began creating and implementing a youth driven-youth lead prevention, leadership, and intervention peer advocacy model. In 2012/13 I piloted this model by operating the mentoring, conflict management and restorative justice concepts as a program with 12 students as a panel to create the Restorative Justice League. In conjunction with the program I developed a conference called Restorative Justice League Conference where 70 high school age youth are trained to mentor over 250 of their peers and younger aged youth in reconciliation, peacemaking through prevention, leadership skills and positive alternative activities. Since the implementation of the model program at Le Grand High School, school detentions, suspensions, and expulsions dropped by 90% and awareness of drug, bullying, and suicidal education has increased on school campus. The Restorative Justice League and Educational Consulting will develop and train facilitators and youth to implement best practices that can be utilized in schools, charters, colleges, non-profits, criminal justice system, religious organizations, community agencies and abroad. Restorative alternatives offer a more effective approach and are a viable alternative to traditional disciplinary policies.  The way I plan to approach these issues is to bring training and awareness of alternative concepts by targeting youth interest through advocacy; skills based scenarios, critical thinking and real life situations. Adults and youth will have increased participation and support by implementing restorative justice practices thereby reducing suspensions/expulsions as evidenced by implementation of a Restorative Justice League Panel and peer mediation as part of the schools culture and climate change in discipline policies and procedures.